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Many Products, One passion! Germany's Culture.

Discover with us Germany, the exciting land of culture.
Since the foundation of our publishing house in 1967 we are fascinated by travelling in our own country.

"Why going abroad when good things are so near" Goethe once rightly stated. The history of our publishing house started on the rivers Rhine, Main and Moselle where we established our publishing programme with picture postcards and concertina folds (leporellos).

Soon the publishing house was known for its brilliant photos and its colour printing quality. A good name was soon established in wholesale and retail. The product line got expanded with numerous touristic publications such as illustrated books, city guides and photo guides as well as folding maps and calendars. Our customer base developed rapidly and further areas could be developed.

Culture knows no classes.
Today we are present in the most important cultural cities such as Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden and Weimar and in the regions of the rivers Rhine and Moselle with our travel publications. Again and again we feel the passion to personally give you an understanding of Germany and its multifaceted cultural regions. Our philosophy? Culture knows no classes. We want to tell you lively about culture and thus making it accessible to many people.

For our editors this means to suspensefully present accurate information with unique photographic perspectives. With this concept we obtained the position of market leader for many years now.
Go travel!

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